Folksy Brews

As part of my journey toward all things local I decided to create an avenue for my fondness of fermentation. Folksy Brews is the name I came up with as many recipes are inspired by the simple processes and ingredients used before the advent of modern brewing equipment. Technically, Folksy Brews is part of Rationally Creative, think of it like Rationally Creative being the company and Folksy Brews being the division that handles fermentation.

The brews themselves are herbal beers, mead, cider, and country wines resulting from the inventive exploration of historical brewing methods, locally-sourced ingredients, and modern refinement. They are approachable, complex in flavor, addictive (so I’ve been told) and span the far reaches of your imagination.

For now I am producing at homebrew scale and not able to sell them…however, I am known for sharing with friends and sampling out a few brews at events around town. Also, in the not too distant future you will be able to purchase some of my Georgia mead.

Brew classes and speaking engagements will also be offered. Classes will focus on the use of local, seasonal ingredients and medicinal/traditional herbs. Attendees will leave the class with an understanding and the confidence to start crafting their own local brews. Classes that feature food ferments (think sauerkraut) and non-alcoholic beverage ferments are currently in the works. Speaking engagements can and will span all aspects of fermentation including its history, culture, nutrition, and art.