Online Community Management

Your company’s online community presence shouldn’t be an afterthought. The importance of social media engagement – and the ability to track the success it drives – has grown exponentially. Rationally Creative has grown along with it; don’t be left behind.

Social media presence not only promotes engagement with your customers; it allows them to become marketers on your behalf. Few forms of advertising are more effective than the recommendation of a peer, and a deftly managed social media plan will let you capitalize on the interchange social media provide.

Rationally Creative takes a four-part approach to your company’s social media engagement:

  • Monitor: Before you begin to engage in the online community space, we’ll help you listen and discover the online perception of your company. We explore the conversations in the marketplace that pertain to your product or service so that we can know how to speak to your online audience.
  • Engage: Whether it’s a blog, a Facebook or Twitter account, an industry network or more, we will help you determine the best tools of engagement for your company. Rationally Creative can help you provide compelling approaches to forge lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Manage: The key to maintaining an effective social media presence is to provide relevant content and interpersonal communication with your audience. We will help you stay connected to your advocates and leverage any criticism into opportunities for success.
  • Integrate: The best social campaign is one that functions seamlessly with the rest of your company’s marketing channels. By thoughtfully integrating social media into your company’s marketing strategies, we can help you track the success of your online community efforts and present a cohesive brand to consumers.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-handled social media effort. Rationally Creative has the social media savvy to put your company ahead of the rest in the online community environment.

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